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Roxanne aged 2
Tel Inbox Email Response Times - This Week
by Roxanne Myles - Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 11:07 AM

Hi all,


The Tel Inbox ( is currently short staffed at the moment, so we may not be able to respond to your email as quickly as normal.  

We anticipate that normal service will be resumed on Monday 5th June.

Thanks in advance for your patience.  

Guidance on and other TEL related information can be found here: 

Roxanne aged 2
Turnitin Fault - Now Fixed (08.05.17)
by Roxanne Myles - Monday, 8 May 2017, 4:42 PM

Turnitin UK experienced a service degradation between 10:00am and 04:00pm BST on the 8th of May.

During the degradation users may have been unable to load submissions in the Document Viewer and mark them.

The issue is now resolved.

This was entirely a fault with external TII systems, and not a problem with 

TII have apologised for the inconvenience that this has caused.  

TaLIC Team,

Roxanne aged 2
Turnitin service disruption today (08.05.17)
by Roxanne Myles - Monday, 8 May 2017, 1:00 PM

Turnitin UK is currently experiencing a service disruption. They are working to resolve this and will provide an update as soon as possible.

This problem has nothing to do with  It is a Turnitin fault, that can only be solved by the external company - Turnitin.

Thank you for your understanding,

TaLIC Team