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Problem With Uploading Files

Roxanne aged 2
Problem With Uploading Files
by Roxanne Myles - Wednesday, 31 August 2016, 12:38 PM

Problem With Uploading Files 

Please be aware that during yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 30th August) - some users were experiencing problems when uploading files to

The problem led to some users seeing an error message when they attempted to upload a file, stating that the file being uploaded was "blank" (no data being visible).  

This fault was due to an external I.T matter, and was in no way connected to the recent upgrade changes that originally took place more than a few weeks ago.

The fault was rectified through our I.T Moodle service partners triggering a reload of the httpd service.  

If you ever notice any problems with this in the future - please make sure to contact TaLIC immediately on so that we can start to resolve any errors.

In light of yesterday afternoon's issue, please be sure to inform your departments and students about this matter. You may also wish to encourage your users to resubmit their files if they encountered the blank file error message yesterday.

Best wishes,