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Welcome to students and staff!

Tina Rowe
Welcome to students and staff!
by Tina Rowe - Saturday, 24 September 2016, 2:46 PM

This is Goldsmith's learning environment.  

Some useful information that will help you to understand how it works.

All pages in this site have a bar at the top that has links in it:

Help: this is a searchable tool with quick information on simple topics.  

Students: This is a resource for many of the questions that students have about using, it also contains links to other resources in the system like the Library, Academic English support, the Careers Service etc.

Staff: this area contains information for staff about setting up areas and getting support

Mahara Portfolio: This area is a place for collecting and curating your work to share with other people, across the institution and across the internet.

The bar is either black or white.  Black denotes the most up to date content. White denotes archived content.  So your last year's course work will have a white bar, and this year's will have a black one.

There is a block on the home page that says Goldsmiths.  This includes links across the site to tools such as IT support, self a tool for checking your academic writing and other useful resources.

Please take some time to familarise yourself with the system if you are new and a returning user.

If you encounter any problems with please report them