Marking an Online Assignment

The assignment tool allows submissions to be accepted and marked inside or Turnitin.  Marking online is much the same as marking in the real world as certain decisions need to be made before the assignment can be evaluated.  Things that need to be considered:

  • Does feedback go on a separate document to the submission?
  • Does feedback go on the submitted document itself?
  • Is marking done according to a particular scale such as a rubric or some other set criteria?
  • Could video or audio be used for feedback?
  • What kind of grading will be used?
  • Will marks be returned as soon as they are given, or will there be a set date when all of the marks will be released?
  • If this is the case, who will be responsible for releasing the grades?

These are a few of the considerations that need to be addressed.

More information specifically on marking online assessments is available here in the online assessment course.

There is also a whole course covering the subject of online assessment here.

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