Interaction and Interactivity

Interaction in this context is when communication of one kind or another goes in more than one direction.  What you are reading now is text and you are not able to alter or comment on it in this context.  You could send an email about it, or speak directly to a member of the TaLIC team, but this would divorce it from its context.  So, the direction is outwards and the reader is passive.  There is nothing wrong with this, but there is no way to test if this information is actually useful.  

Using tools that allow interaction can make the system richer as members of the course area input their own ideas or questions.  This doesn't have be be a free for all say what you want forum.  It can be used for simple things like polling the cohort about a particular question: the choice tool, getting information about the experience of the course: the feedback or questionnaire tools; wide ranging themed discussions around topics: the forum...  

On the whole, it is best to consider what kind of a result you are looking for first and then to map that to a tool.  If you are not sure and would like a little help or would just like to talk through an idea, contact TaLIC

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