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There are three parts to and for each area there are specialists who can help you, IT Services, TaLIC and your own department.  

IT services can help you with problems with primary access as they look after user ids and passwords for your account. In fact, only IT services can help you with your account, so if you have questions about your user id or password, then you should contact IT services: or contact them through their support desk in the library. 

TaLIC can help you with more specialised advice once you have access to; if you can log with no problems but you encounter difficulties; can't see courses that used to be there, can't do some of the things that you think you should be able to do, then contact TaLIC

Your department will be able to help you with questions about your particular study area; content, missing files, unsure about a deadline for an assignment, cannot find your module in

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