Email subscriptions,

By default everybody is subscribed to the News Forum in a course area.  This is why this forum should be used sparingly.  All other forums in course areas will have their subscription properties set by the person who sets them up.  If you encounter problems such as getting email that you think is unnecessary, in the first instance you should look at the subscription options for the forum you are having problems with, if you think the discussion is not necessary for you to get notifications from, then unsubscribe. If you cannot unsubscribe, talk to the person who is administrating the forum as this option can be changed.  This will stop most of the issues that people get with forums.


It is possible to stop ALL emails from forums being sent to your email address by making a change to your profile.  TURNING THIS OFF COULD CAUSE YOU TO MISS IMPORTANT INFORMATION and college cannot be held responsible if you miss out on some communications if you have chosen to turn this off.  This is a big step to take, so before you exclude yourself, go through the steps above.  If you deicide that you really do want to run the risk of not getting important emails from your department, then you can do the following:

Select your name in the top right hand corner of the browser > Select edit profile > Select Messaging.

Set your messaging options

FURTHER WARNING, doing this is GLOBAL, across your entire presence in  If you are having a problem with a single forum, it is best to see if you can unsubscribe or unenrol from the course area if it is not necessary for your study.

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