Enrolments on learn.gold (manual)

In order to manually add users and assign them roles on a course area,  you need to have a certain level of permissions. 

Those with editing teacher rights can add users and assign the roles of editing teacher, non-editing teacher and student to others.  Those with non-editing teacher or student rights cannot.

You will know that you have editing rights if you see a 'turn editing on' button at the top right hand side of your course area (indicated by the arrow in the screenshot below).  

turn editing on screenshot

How to get editing teacher access

TaLIC do not allocate editing teacher rights for staff unless you have requested a new course area and there are no pre-existing editors on it.  If you are a member or staff and need editing rights on a course area please ask another member of your team with editing teacher role to give you these permissions ( this might be the module convenor or departmental business manager). 

Department Managers can add Course Administrators at category level - meaning that they can grant editing rights across an entire department for administrative staff.


Editing teachers: how to view, add or change roles
Turn editing on then go to the Administration Block where you will find the Users menu.  From there click on Enrolled users.  You will then see the list of enrolled users on the course area with their assigned roles.  To enrol a new user click Enrol users button on the right hand side.

enrol users 1

A box will then appear. In the drop down menu at the top, select the role you want to assign.  Enter the name of the person you want to enrol in the Search box at the bottom. You can just enter their surname or first name;  if it's an uncommon name you won't get too many results.

enrol users 2

If you have more than one have more than one user to enrol (with the same role assigned to them) enter their name next and click Enrol as before. Carry on doing this until you have found all of the names. Then click Finish enrolling users.

enrol users 3

You will now see the name of the person in the list of enrolled users. 

If the person's name does not appear this means one of two things; either they are already enrolled on the course area OR they have never logged into learn.gold.  The first log in registers the ID in the list of users. They need to be asked to log in before you can enrol them.

enrol users 4

See also Change roles and information for Students: how to enrol

NB: If you have a large number of people to enrol or a large number of course areas to enrol them onto, please contact the TEL team at TaLIC  tel@gold.ac.uk who may be able to do this as a bulk upload for you.

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