Database has a dedicated tool that allows students or tutors to collect, share and order information into a database.  A difficulty with the tool is that it works with the underlying principals of a database and it is important to understand that different types of data are stored in different ways; so numbers have a specific field, as do dates and text.  This might not seem like a problem, but try answering this question: is a telephone number a number?

If you are sure that a telephone number is a number, then you have fallen at the first hurdle of data types so unless you want to learn about databases, steer clear of the tool because in a database a telephone number is stored as text.  Number fields are for things you might want to do maths with, phone numbers are really references which should not change.  Dates, text, files, all of these attributes are stored differently in the database.  If all you want is a searchable list of things that people can add to, use the Glossary tool.

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