Reading lists

The library at Goldsmiths have introduced a new Reading List software called Talis Aspire to manage readings and resource lists and to deal more effectively with scanning and copyright clearance.

Reading lists created through Talis allow you to combine an online collection of different types of resources. You can combine scanned pdf's,  electronic journal articles, book references, URLs and so on.  You can also write some notes or guidance with the resources and organise them into different categories.

To create a reading list you need to ask the library to give you list creator status. You then create your content and submit to the library.  Once the list is ready, the library will send you back a link.  The library also offer a list creation service at certain times in the academic year whereby they create it on Talis Aspire for you.

Once you have created your Reading list you can make it available via in one of two ways:

  • The link can be posted on the course area in ( as a URL resource or embedded link)
  • Through a Block with the Talis link in it.

See also Reading Lists ( TALIS) guidance.

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