An ePortfolio

There are many kinds of ePortfolios some of them are commercial and some are OpenSource.  Mahara, like Moodle which is what is built on, is OpenSource.  An ePortfolio is a place to collect, curate and present work or ideas.  You can access Mahara from the menu at the top of each page in, it is the second item from the right.

ePortfolio or Mahara

There are three distinct parts to Mahara: Content, Portfolio and Groups.


This is where you keep resources.  This can mean documents, images, sounds etc.  There is a section for building a CV, an area to set tasks with goals and timescales and finally a place to keep a journal or blog.


A portfolio is a good place to showcase the best of your work and the portfolio section in Mahara enables you to do this by allowing you to take resources from your content, youtube, Vimeo, news sites, cloud-based storage such as google drive and drop box, and make it available in a coherent way to anybody you wish to make it available to.


As the name implies, a space to work with other people.  Groups can be private, have a distinct set of invited members or open.  External people can have access to resources within a group.  Resources can be shared into and amongst the users in a group.

All of this comes at a price.  You need to understand how the separate parts of the system work together in order to get the best out of it.  A lot of the power of Mahara is that you can share with other users and even the world in general.  This can only be really successful if your own security and that of the people you are working with is maintained.  It is a tool for reflection and you need to be prepared to reflect on why you are using it to get the most benefit.

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