External examiners

External examiners are very important to maintaining fairness and quality in the assessment process at Goldsmiths and some times they need access to learn.gold.  They will need special accounts creating and this is done by contacting TaLIC tel@gold.ac.uk

Request an account for External Examiners

You will need to provide the Name, email address of the examiner (an institutional address, not a personal one) and start and end dates for when they require access.

Before you request an account for an External examiner, check whether they have an existing one.  Your department should have records on this.

TaLIC can reset passwords if examiners have an existing account but have forgotten their password.

Multiple External examiner accounts & multiple course areas

TaLIC can bulk upload groups of External Examiners. We can do that either by creating all the accounts and you can then manually enrol the users or we can bulk enrol onto onto multiple course areas as well.  To do either of these this we need you to send in a completed csv file (more below on this).   We can create new accounts or update existing ones from the same file. The information you need to fill in for each person is as follows:

1. For accounts only

  • username (initial and surname, all lowercase)
  • password (if they don't have one already or have forgotten it then enter 'changmenow'. They will be able to change this to one they prefer after they login)
  • firstname
  • surname
  • email address (institutional address)

2. For accounts plus course area enrolmments

All of the above PLUS

  • course short name. this must not contain any commas.  The course short name is entered in the Administration Block and which appears in the breadcrumb trail above the course area.  TaLIC can provide you with a list of these and corresponding course full names.
  • role shortname - external.   The role of 'external' will allow them to edit and they should not get any emails from learn.gold. 
In order to provide us with the correct information we have provided a template with an example entry - download and open the CSV file link below - it should automatically open in a spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.).

Download CSV file

On the top line you will see the field names: username, password, firstname, lastname, email, course1, role1,course2, role2 and so on. (all lower case). You can add as many course columns and role columns as you like but please remember NO spaces and NO capital letters before or after entries  ( i.e. course 1 or Course1 won't work but course1 will)

On the second line is an example - delete this before you send it.

If you don't want to add them to a course area automatically - delete the course1, role1 field names.

Save the file as CSV and send it to tel@gold.ac.uk, along with a date when the accounts should be deleted. Once we have created the accounts, we will get back to you and you can then contact your new users with instructions.

Remember to contact your new users in advance to let them know their usernames, and what to do next.

Then save the file for your records. 

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