Course area

Goldsmiths has programmes consisting of modules. However, the Moodle term for an individual area on is 'course' - this can't be changed.  You'll therefore see course used in's navigation.

A 'course area' normally equates to a single taught module. However, some course areas may be used for other purposes such as a virtual office.

A course area is basically a container for resources and activities. There are usually two or three columns:
    • A middle panel for the main content which is divided into distinct sections - either by topic or by date (such as one per week)
    • Blocks on either side.
    • Near the top is a breadcrumb trail for navigation
    • At the top of the page are menus for Goldsmiths-specific help, Mahara, Archive of old course areas and access to your profile.

More on the elements of course areas

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