Importing Content from Different Course Areas

You may have content in a course area that you would like to move into a different area, this is easier than you might think.  You need Editing Teacher access to do this.

Turn Editing on > in the Administration block select Import.

Admin Panel

Then you need to find the course area with the content.  The quickest way to find any course area is through the short name which is frequently the module code.

Choose Course

Select Course Area

Once you find the course area you need to decide which things to import. leave the first screen and select Next

Backup Settings

You will then see a list of resources in the course you want to import from.  You select what you want from here.  By default the entire course area is selected, so the first thing you need to do is select NONE from the top options.  Once you have done this you can select the individual items.

Select None

You must select the section in order to be able to select individual items from the section.  This is easy to miss and can be frustrating if you miss it!

Select the section

Once you have everything you need, you can go to the summary page where you will see a preview of what you will and will not be importing, if there are any errors or omissions, you can select Back and make the changes you need.


Once you are happy with your choices select Perform Import


Your new content will appear in the course area.

Imported Content

NB: It may not put everything exactly where you would like it, you can move content around using the cross icon.

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