Logging in help and getting started for students

Download the getting started PDF guide

You need to log in to use learn.gold - first find the login box

logging in

  • At the top of the page, usually on the right you'll see a link with the text You are not logged in (log in).
  • Click the link and add your user name and password
  • Your user name and password are the same as you would use to access your email.  If you don't know this information, contact IT services.
  • Your email address is not your user name, though it may be part of your user name: jbond007@gold.ac.uk, you just need the part to the left of the @ sign.
  • Enter your username and then your password and click the log in button.

Password or username problem?

  • If you cannot log in, try again - make sure CAPS LOCK is off. Your password is case sensitive.
  • If it doesn't work, contact IT Services as they look after usernames and passwords at Goldsmiths. They have a helpdesk on the first floor of the library or see the IT web pages


Logged in but get stuck on the profile page?

  • Are you stuck on a page showing your profile with a blank email address? Please contact the IT Services helpdesk about this issue - explain your email address is empty in learn.gold.  They can fix this for you.

New student? 

Join the student help area.

You will need to click the JOIN button to join most course areas on learn.gold!

When you click on the title of a course area or a link to it, you often need to then JOIN by looking for and clicking on a button. See the example screenshot below.

join course areas

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